Wednesday, April 4, 2012

motivation + an award!

Over the past few days, I have revised/written a little over 8,000 words. That is more than I wrote in the entire past year. Why the sudden burst of motivation? Well, there's a few reasons...

1. I found my "dream agent." As I was reading her blog, I just got a good vibe from her. I liked what she had to say. I felt we agreed on a lot of things. Now, I'm not stupid. I know I need to do a lot more research. I know there's a very good chance I'll get rejected. I'm sure I will end up querying a lot of other agents. Who knows if this agent will still even be accepting queries by the time I'm done.

What I do know is that as I was reading her blog, I wished more than anything that I was done with my WIP so that I could send it to her. And that is motivating me, so I'm going to go with it.

2. I found an awesome CP, Kelsey! I am so thankful to my friend Jessica for introducing us. I could not have asked for a more perfect CP. We have a lot in common and our WIPs are similar in some ways. I'm really looking forward to working with her!

3. My job. I went out to dinner with a friend from work last week. After venting about our jobs, I started updating her on my writing process. When I was done, she said something to me like "Your face just lights up when you talk about your writing."

This reminded me of something from the movie "Office Space." (That movie has way too many good quotes.)

Peter Gibbons: Our high school guidance counselor used to ask us what you'd do if you had a million dollars and you didn't have to work. And invariably what you'd say was supposed to be your career. So, if you wanted to fix old cars then you're supposed to be an auto mechanic.

Well, I'd pick writing. Now I know that writing a book is not going to be my ticket out of here, but I think it's important to find something you enjoy. I have 4 jobs and the one I like best is writing for the local newspaper. If I won a million dollars and didn't have to work anymore (I WISH!) I would still write for the newspaper.

In other news...
My blog got an award! :)

How exciting! I was presented with the Liebster Award which is described as follows:

"The Liebster Award has traditionally been awarded to honour those blogs which motivate and inspire us. It is also granted to those blog authors who have accumulated 200 followers or less. Its purpose is to summon new followers and increase awareness of other noteworthy blogs."

Thank you again, Kelsey! I'm supposed to post these rules, and recommend someone else.

So I would like to present the award to...

Clare at Fitting It All In!

I really enjoy reading about her workouts and healthy eating. It's very inspiring.

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