Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 8 - May I ask something about you?

I keep hearing about these writing retreats and I love the idea. I mean, it's two of my favorite things: traveling and writing. What's not to like? So my question for you today is: 
Have you ever attended a writing retreat? If so, tell me about it! 

If not, what would be your ideal writing retreat?

I have never attended one, but I'd love to. My ideal retreat would be somewhere with a beach. Maybe San Diego, which is my favorite place. Ideally, it would rain one day so we would be forced to stay inside and not feel bad about it, and also to be sure we'd get some work done. Also, I'd like to keep the group around 4-5 people, because I think that is a good number.

So who wants to join me? ;)

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